Spiritual Retreats and Sacred Places in Siskiyou

In Siskiyou, we may be known for adventure, but we’re also home to one of the most spiritual mountains in the world – Mt. Shasta. Often called the “Magical Mountain,” visitors travel from all over to experience its transcendent nature. We’ve put together a list of spiritual retreats and sacred places worth visiting in Siskiyou.

Sacramento River Headwaters

Mount Shasta City Park is home to the headwaters of the mighty Sacramento River. The crystal-clear water flowing through the park begins its journey high on the snow-covered peaks of majestic Mt. Shasta before making its way to the headwaters area. Visitors often come to this spiritual spot to drink the water, which is said to have healing powers. A variety of spiritual retreats include a stop here.

Temple Intention of Mount Shasta

The Temple Intention of Mount Shasta is a staple in the spiritual community. The center is dedicated to evolutionary consciousness and is known for its powerful energy and high vibration. The center hosts concerts, film screenings, sound healings, Kundalini yoga classes, spiritual channelings, detox seminars, universal teachings of the heart and much more.

Mt. Shasta Arts & Healing Center

The Mt. Shasta Arts and Healing Center is known for its exceptional energy. The center hosts a variety of meditations, sound healings, spiritual workshops and expressive arts classes. Visitors often leave here feeling elevated, rejuvenated and inspired. The center also has a variety of spiritual items for sale such as books, crystals, wands and much more.

Panther Meadows

Panther Meadows is known as one of the most ancient outdoor temple sites on Mt. Shasta. Many Native Americans consider the springs that run throughout the meadows to be sacred power points. Visitors often come to the area for its power, medicine and tranquility.

The beautiful lakes of Siskiyou including Heart Lake and Castle Lake are also known to be amazing spots for reflection. Find your spirit in Siskiyou, book your trip today! We look forward to welcoming you to the sacred mountain region of Siskiyou.