Wander Above

Wander Above

The Siskiyou Pledge

Honest, rugged, and pure, Siskiyou is where California’s real north lives and adventure runs free. Take the Siskiyou Pledge and help us keep Siskiyou wild for all who WANDER here:

Walk Only on Trails

I will respect Siskiyou’s wild landscapes and enjoy epic adventures while staying on designated trails and roads.

Always Leave it Clean

I will keep Siskiyou pure by packing out my trash and properly disposing of my waste while outdoors.

Never Take Souvenirs

I will leave cool rocks, sticks, and flowers where I found them for others to enjoy.

Dogs on Leash

I realize that just because my dog is friendly, that doesn’t mean other dogs are. I will keep my furry friend on leash no matter what.

Extreme Fire Caution

I will research whether campfires are permitted where I’m going, and will fully extinguish them by drowning with water and mixing with a stick to ensure all coals are thoroughly wet.

Respect Other Hikers

I will move aside for uphill traffic, use headphones if I want to listen to music, yield to others when riding my bike, and say hello to everyone I pass.

Enter your email address below to take the pledge. One lucky traveler will win a trip for two to Siskiyou!