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Senor Tequila

With a couple new food trucks popping up in Siskiyou, it’s time to give a shout out to everyone’s favorite […]

It’s back to school season. The air is a little cooler, the days a little shorter and you’re fighting every […]

Interstate 5 cuts straight through the heart of Siskiyou – which also happens to be the perfect halfway point for […]

Fun fact: Siskiyou lays geographic claim to one of the most famous palindromes in the English language: YREKA BAKERY. Whether […]

Siskiyou is an outdoor haven – so it follows that there are some perfect places to enjoy outdoor dining! Psychologists […]

East Siskiyou County, Lava Beds National Monument

Siskiyou is steeped in history wherever you go, but perhaps no archeological footprint is as extensive as the Modoc War […]

Mount Shasta Vista

What’s in a name?  Well, when it comes to a visitor navigating “Shasta,” it can sometimes be a challenge.  Locally […]

Top Spot Siskiyou Palindrome

Siskiyou is blessed with vast wilderness, jaw-dropping views and quaint towns, topped by a mystical mountain and picturesque Alpine lakes. […]

Summer is officially here and what better way to kick it off than with a refreshing cocktail? We checked in […]

Fishing Siskiyou, California’s north, is home to some of the best fishing anywhere. Siskiyou’s wild rivers, streams and high mountain […]

Siskiyou View, Mount Shasta, California

The grand-dame of Siskiyou, the magnificent Mount Shasta is without a doubt the “unchallenged monarch” of Northern California.   At 14,162 […]

May is here revealing Mount Shasta at her loveliest – fully dressed in a gown of winter snow and lit […]

Dunsmuir Museum, Dunsmuir, California

Siskiyou County was created on March 22, 1852, and named for the Siskiyou mountain range between California and Oregon.  But […]

California Poppy, Siskiyou
Spring Magic

April showers have been steadily paving the way for a showstopping spring!  Just look outside to see the Daffodils, California […]

lower mccloud falls

Siskiyou is the perfect place for your waterfall adventures. The water here makes it unlike anywhere else in the world. […]

When you’re on a bike, there’s that feeling called “flow” when everything just clicks, and your energy and environment become […]

St. Patrick's Day in Siskiyou

If you’re looking for some fun ways to go “green,” spend St. Patrick’s Day in Siskiyou! St. Patrick’s Day observes […]

February is the month of romance – and Siskiyou is a great place to find it. Whether with a partner, […]

Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, Osprey and Owls. In Siskiyou, you can just about walk out your front door and see them […]

The Ultimate Car Kit for Winter Driving in Siskiyou

With lots of fresh snow on Mount Shasta and more winter weather on the horizon, we thought we’d put together […]

It’s 2019 and everyone wants to look better, feel better and eat better. So now that you’ve set your resolutions, […]

The holidays are upon us and Siskiyou is celebrating big!  Skiing, snowboarding, Victorian celebrations and après-ski – California’s north has […]

Solstice in Siskiyou

The winter solstice is happening this Friday, December 21st at 2:23pm.  Winter solstice is the term used to describe the […]

Snow is falling in Siskiyou!  And as Siskiyou’s iconic Mount Shasta welcomes an average of 80 inches of powdery snow […]

When the weather outside is frightful, Siskiyou is still delightful!  As storms have rolled in this past week and everyone […]

Happy Thanksgiving! For Siskiyou residents this weekend also means more than just a delicious meal on Thursday – it’s generally […]

You know the drill when it comes to In-N-Out’s secret menu and you love to wow your barista with your […]

Let’s face it. It’s autumn, the fall colors are gorgeous, you can see your breath in the air and all […]

From fur trappers to the Gold Rush to US Senators and Hollywood A-listers, Siskiyou certainly has a colorful past full […]

We know hunting may not be for everyone, but buck “fever” is a real thing in California’s north that happens […]

The days are getting shorter, the air a little crisper, and it’s almost time to break out the sweaters and […]

By 2030, California hopes to have five million emission-free cars on the road, which means totally guilt-free road trips! But […]

From stagecoach robber hideouts and turn-of–the-century candy shops to sleeping on a train and feeding fish at the oldest trout […]

Dogs are a way of life in Siskiyou. From trail walks to beer gardens to water-play, fun for you and […]

Siskiyou is home to six designated wild and scenic rivers, as well as hundreds of lakes, creeks and streams. Such […]

With hundreds of lakes, rivers and creeks – Siskiyou is an epic destination for a kayaking adventure! From laid-back to […]

Fishing and camping go hand in hand in Siskiyou. With dozens of lakes, rivers, wild streams and open space – […]

Bird Species in Siskiyou

By: Nicholas Martens & Maureen Leong-Kee As is typically the case, the key to posting big numbers in a given […]

Some days, there is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a big juicy burger, especially in California’s north. Siskiyou […]

The gorgeous views of California’s north bring in brides and grooms from all over. From scenic wedding locations to unbeatable views […]

Grab a raft or kayak, then head out for an adventure of a lifetime. Your quest for family fun starts […]

Getaway from the hustle and bustle and unwind in Siskiyou. From golf to beer, mineral springs to spas and shopping […]

Roll up your sleeves and experience the farm-to-fork lifestyle in Siskiyou. Your unique culinary quest starts here. Posted by Discover […]

Gather your bait, rig your line and discover California’s premier fishing destination, Siskiyou. The adventure starts here. Posted by Discover […]

Take a hike in Siskiyou and you’ll often find a mesmerizing waterfall, making that extra trek worth every step. There’s […]

In Siskiyou, we may be known for adventure, but we’re also home to one of the most spiritual mountains in […]

  Grab life by the wheels in Siskiyou! One of the greatest things about California’s north is the breathtaking scenery […]

Attention all meat lovers! Siskiyou is full of family-owned and operated farms including the beloved Belcampo Farms. Known for their […]

Spring is in the air in Siskiyou! Hello warmer days, blooming flowers, chirping birds and the sweet smell of spring. […]

Siskiyou’s breathtaking views are truly an Instagrammers #goals. From majestic mountains to towering trees, rivers to waterfalls and trails to […]

Siskiyou is full of character, charm and a hint of ruggedness. We offer accommodations for every type of adventure. From […]


Looking for that perfect adventure any time of year? Located at the top of California, Siskiyou is the perfect destination […]


As you drive through Siskiyou, one of the first things you’ll notice is the beautiful farmland throughout the region. Siskiyou […]


One of the great things about escaping to Siskiyou this time of year is the variety of activities you can […]


Mount Shasta welcomes over 80 inches of powdery snow every year, making Siskiyou county one of the best winter destinations […]


If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for an adventurous getaway, look no further than Siskiyou! With a wide range of activities, […]

Winter enjoyment

Are you ready for some winter family fun in Siskiyou? Siskiyou is the perfect location to take the family on […]


Calling all birders! The majestic mountains and towering trees of Siskiyou make it a prime destination for birdwatching in California’s […]


It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you should be! Warm up with a hot drink in Siskiyou […]


Get inspired in Siskiyou! One of our region’s most fascinating features is our majestic mountains. Many believe Mt. Shasta is […]


Wander above, venture beyond this Black Friday. Discover Siskiyou is encouraging adventure seekers to #OptOutside and be active throughout the […]


When you hike in Siskiyou, you feel like you’re escaping into a magical wilderness filled with majestic mountains and towering […]

Lake Siskiyou, Wander Above Venture Beyond

An adventure seeker’s dream destination – that’s Siskiyou, where you can wander above, venture beyond.  Located in the northernmost region […]


Siskiyou is full of wild adventures and even Olympians are up for the challenge. Olympic gold medal skier Jonny Moseley […]


In Siskiyou, you’ll discover untamed adventure runs free, creating a unique opportunity to craft your own personal journey. A quest […]


There’s no place like home for the holidays or in Siskiyou. It’s the most wonderful time of year. Spirits are […]


Fall is one of our favorite seasons in Siskiyou. Sweaters, hot chocolate, walks in the woods, falling leaves, and a […]


Beauty lies in the hands of the beer holder in Siskiyou. Here visitors enjoy gorgeous views while sipping on some […]


Birdwatching, or birding, is second nature in Siskiyou. Take a look around and you’ll see the feathered friends of the […]


We all need a break every once in a while, but perhaps you need one now more than ever. Siskiyou […]

Events in Siskiyou are as unique and spirited as we are – celebrating our breathtaking landscape and honoring our heritage. […]

Looking for a real summer getaway? California’s north is home to thrilling adventure, rugged landscapes and breathtaking beauty. We hope […]

kayaking in siskiyou

With 12 rivers flowing, wild waterfalls tumbling, and hundreds of pristine lakes dotting the landscape, water is as much a […]

Fishing in Siskiyou

Siskiyou is a true playground for fishing. With dozens of lakes, rivers and wild streams, the fishing ground is abundant […]

Aside from an abundance of outdoor recreation and awe-inspiring beauty, Siskiyou is a place with rich agriculture, and is proud […]

Breathtaking Views in Siskiyou

One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive in Siskiyou is the tremendous beauty greeting you at every […]

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