Wander Above, Venture Beyond in Siskiyou

An adventure seeker’s dream destination – that’s Siskiyou, where you can wander above, venture beyond.  Located in the northernmost region of California, where untamed adventure runs free. From whitewater rafting to kayaking, camping to hiking, snowshoeing to skiing, there is something to discover year-round.

Siskiyou is downright honest, rugged and pure. Here, you’ll wake up to breathtaking views, explore majestic mountains, gaze at gigantic trees and discover unique wildlife. Feel alive in Siskiyou. Refresh your spirit in pristine, tranquil landscapes of mineral springs, spas, and saunas.

The journey is worthwhile. It’s a thrill-seeking destination for explorers. California’s north is unexpected, undiscovered, and almost unreal…you can truly wander above, venture beyond in Siskiyou. Check out this video to see the type of adventure that awaits!


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