Things To Do in Yreka, CA

When you hear “Yreka,” it might instinctively come out as “Eureka,” but locals will quickly correct you—it’s pronounced just as it looks: “Why-Reka.” Although it might appear small at first glance, Yreka is a treasure trove of activities and sights waiting to be discovered. Let us guide you through some of the best ways to enjoy your visit to this delightful town in Northern Siskiyou.

Outdoor Adventures

Everywhere you look in Siskiyou County, you’ll find unbelievable natural beauty, and Yreka is no exception. The town and its surroundings offer a wide array of outdoor activities that any nature lover will appreciate.

  • Greenhorn Park
    This sprawling local park offers a wide range of activities for every type of explorer, whether you’re looking for a quiet stroll or a serene afternoon fishing on the shores of Greenhorn Creek. As the largest park in Yreka, it’s also the ideal home for the Greenhorn Park Disc Golf Club, a community group that maintains the park’s disc golf course and often hosts tournaments for interested discers.

  • Shasta Valley Loop
    Perfect for anyone looking to explore stunning Mount Shasta views, this bike trail takes you from Yreka to Montague. The entire loop is just shy of 50 miles, which, on a road bike, flies by. Pack plenty of water and remember to grab your camera before you head out so you can snag a picture of the incredible vistas you’ll be riding past.
  • Discovery Park
    Head to Discovery Park for a picnic on the grass, and learn a little about Yreka’s fascinating history while you’re at it. Here, you can read about how gold was first discovered in Yreka in 1851, transforming the town from a quiet burg into a bustling mining community.
  • Yreka Creek Greenway
    Stretching alongside five miles of both Yreka Creek and Greenhorn Creek, the Yreka Creek Greenway is both a great place for a stroll or bike ride, and serves the environment around it. Volunteers for the Greenway project are dedicated to restoring and maintaining the natural watersheds of Yreka and Greenhorn Creek, and as the Greenway expands, there are more and more opportunities to explore the trails surrounding these natural wonders.

  • Jefferson Bike Company
    With easy proximity to tons of excellent biking trails, you’ll want to devote an afternoon to cruising around on a pair of wheels. Start your bike trip at Jefferson Bike Company, Yreka’s premier bike shop offering repairs, accessories, group rides and much more.

Hit the Town

Yreka dates back to the 1850s, when it was established as a Gold Rush town. As a result, everywhere you go is steeped in local history and charm, from the attractions lining Historic Miner Street to more recent local businesses that have cemented themselves as instrumental to this town.

  • Liberty Arts Gallery
    Liberty Arts Gallery is a beacon of creativity, showcasing a wide array of art forms – from paintings and sculptures to mixed media and installations. It’s not just a gallery; it’s a community space where art lovers can gather, explore, and even meet the artists behind the masterpieces during special exhibitions and events.

  • Zephyr Books & Coffee
    Any book lover knows that a combination bookstore and coffee shop is a dream come true. Zephyr Books & Coffee is exactly that. This cozy spot is perfect for diving into your latest literary find or losing yourself in a classic novel. With walls lined with books of all genres and a selection of specialty coffees and teas, Zephyr Books & Coffee is heaven for bibliophiles and coffee enthusiasts alike.
  • Glo Skin & Body Spa
    Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and treat yourself to a day of unparalleled pampering and relaxation at Glo Skin & Body Spa. Offering a serene environment and a comprehensive menu of services, from rejuvenating facials to therapeutic massages, this spa is dedicated to your well-being. Expert therapists use the finest products and techniques to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and glowing from within.
  • Siskiyou Performing Arts Center
    The Siskiyou Performing Arts Center, or the SPAC, has been home to many incredible community productions over the years. We’re a talented bunch up here in Yreka, and the hard work that goes into every show at the SPAC is proof of that. Check out their calendar ahead of your trip here to see if you can catch a musical, a dramatic play, a band performance and more. We do a little of everything around here!
  • Yreka YMCA
    Even if you’re on vacation, you still want to stay active and healthy. The wide range of fitness options available at YMCA Yreka has you covered. Whether you’re looking to continue your workout routine, try out a new fitness class or simply enjoy a swim in the pool, the YMCA offers facilities and programs for individuals and families of all ages.

  • Bella Art Works Creative Cafe
    Tap into your inner creativity at Bella Art Works Creative Cafe, a unique establishment that combines the joys of creating art with the laid-back vibe of a cafe. This spot offers a variety of art workshops where you can paint, craft and create, all while enjoying delicious coffee and snacks. Pro-tip: you’ll definitely want to try their “Grown-Up” grilled cheeses — these sandwiches just won the People’s Choice award in Sacramento’s grilled cheese contest. It’s a fun, relaxing way to spend an afternoon and create lasting memories — and some gorgeous art pieces!
  • Siskiyou County Historical Society
    Dive deep into the area’s rich history and heritage at the Siskiyou County Historical Society.

  • Shoppe Serendipity
    Of course, no vacation is complete without picking up a few souvenirs. Shoppe Serendipity is a veritable goldmine (see what we did there?) of handmade goods and intricate artworks. You can also find workshops of varying types aimed at unleashing your creativity, in which you can make your own birdhouses, paint your own pottery, engage in music lessons and much more.
  • Rain Rock Casino
    Feeling lucky? Experience the thrill of the game at Rain Rock Casino. With a wide selection of slots, table games and live entertainment, this casino offers the perfect atmosphere for a fun night out. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just looking for a bit of fun, Rain Rock provides a welcoming environment to try your luck and hopefully leave a winner.

Grab a Bite & Unwind

  • Roadhouse Bar & Grill
    Formerly known as Jefferson’s Roadhouse, Roadhouse Bar & Grill had the privilege of being featured on America’s Best Restaurants this year — and once you try their food, it’ll be easy to see why. This spot is the epitome of the classic American roadhouse, where the spirit of the open road and the comfort of familiar favorites come together.
  • Rico’s Tacos
    This family-owned restaurant serves up some of the best tacos you’ll find in Siskiyou County. Each dish is carefully crafted with the freshest ingredients possible, and you can be sure that authentic flavors will shine through in every bite.
  • Miner Street Meat Market
    Got meat? Miner Street Meat Market certainly does. This custom butcher shop does much more than offer freshly butchered cuts of fresh, all-natural meat and seafood; it also offers expertly cooked barbecue dishes, from mouthwateringly good tri-tip sandwiches to seriously great cheeseburgers.

  • Punjabi Dhaba
    You might not notice this North Indian eatery at first glance, as it’s tucked away within the Yreka Truck Stop. However, you’ll be glad you took the time to give this place a second look. This hidden gem serves up traditional Indian food, lovingly prepared with a wide range of aromatic spices and fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect place to stop for a bite along your travels to the rest of the region.
  • Gold Rush Burgers
    With every bite of your burger at this family-friendly, casual establishment, you’ll feel like you’ve struck gold. They’ve been voted the best burgers in Siskiyou County for eight years in a row, and they also offer a wide range of vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly options.
  • El Zaguan
    There’s truly nothing like local cuisine infused with culinary traditions that have lasted generations. El Zaguan offers exactly that, serving up handmade tacos, tasty tortas and so much more.
  • Rex Club Empire
    Step back in time with a visit to Rex Club Empire, one of Yreka’s oldest and most iconic establishments. This bar was founded back in the Prohibition Era, and is still going strong today. While it may have started as a place to enjoy a drink in secret, it’s now a lively nightlife spot serving up handcrafted cocktails, domestic beers on tap and an impressive wine list. They also often host live music events, so keep an eye on their events calendar to time your visit with their next big shindig.

  • Smoked Tomato Pie
    Revolutionizing the pizza experience, Smoked Tomato Pie offers a unique twist on the traditional with its signature smoked tomato sauce. You really can’t go wrong with a good slice of pizza, and this pizza joint is happy to provide an elevated version of everyone’s favorite comfort food.
  • The Wine Bar and Bistro
    This eatery is exactly what it sounds like: a wine bar with an extensive list of stunning wine offerings, and a bistro serving up classic, elegant dishes to pair. You’ll often find live music at this cozy spot, making it an especially great stop for a date night.
  • Nature’s Kitchen
    Equal parts organic cafe and health food store, Nature’s Kitchen believes wholeheartedly in the power of natural, organic ingredients as the foundation of everything. Here, the name of the game is to eat clean — from farm-fresh plates to smoothies that will feel better than a caffeine boost, we guarantee you’ll leave this spot feeling refreshed inside and out.

Get Cozy

A getaway is only as good as where you crash at the end of every activity-packed day.

  • Jefferson Inn
    Located right off of Interstate 5, Jefferson Inn is a great option if you’re looking to stay somewhere inexpensive without sacrificing comfort. Each individual room features unique decor that creates a cozy vibe, inviting you to really kick back and relax after a day filled with adventures.

  • Mountain View Inn
    This cushy inn is surrounded by mountains on all sides, meaning no matter where you look, there isn’t a bad view in sight. Wake up each morning greeted by sweeping vistas as you enjoy your morning coffee — it’s the best pick-me-up we can think of.
  • Klamath Motor Lodge
    If you’re after a stay where the staff makes you feel like family, Klamath Motor Lodge is the place to go. This inviting property also features beautiful garden beds, an outdoor pool and a lounge area to enjoy the evening weather.

Some other places to stay on your Yreka escape include:

Plan Your Epic Stay Today

The next time you’re planning your adventure to Siskiyou, take the time to explore the charming historical town of Yreka. There are so many hidden gems to discover here, whether you’re looking to wander the outdoors or discover a local community eager to chat. We’ll see you soon!


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