We’re sharing undiscovered gems and unique perspectives to help you discover the best of Siskiyou.


What makes Siskiyou so special? Just ask the locals. In this Discover Siskiyou podcast series, we bring you the insider voices that can inspire you to discover the best and most explorable gems of California’s North.

Episodes focus on fun activities and feature interviews with local guides, experts, business owners and more – so even if you’re stuck at home right now, take a listen and get planning for your next adventure! For more information and show notes, visit our Anchor podcast page.

Season 02 Episode 06
Unique Spaces in Siskiyou

Siskiyou County has truly special offerings and something for everyone from its landscapes to the businesses that develop here. Today […]

Season 02 Episode 05
Musicians of Siskiyou

On this episode we’ll be talking to 3 musicians, each with a unique relationship to Siskiyou County and the music […]

Season 02 Episode 04
Biking in Siskiyou

This week we talk to Steve Potts. If you’re into biking, you probably already know his name. Even if you […]

Season 02 Episode 03
Golf in Siskiyou

Whether you’re a pro or playing your first round. Enjoying a manicured course or tromping through the woods. There’s a […]

Season 02 Episode 02
Fermentation in Siskiyou

What do tea, organic acids and yeasts have in common? They’re each key components to what we’re talking about this […]

Season 02 Episode 01
Siskiyou Expeditions

In this episode of the Discover Siskiyou Podcast, we talk to four outdoor adventurers from around the world tied together […]

Episode 10, Part II
Siskiyou Myths and Legends

For the second installment of our final episode of the season, we’re talking about one of the most notorious legends […]

Episode 10, Part 1
Siskiyou Myths and Legends

For our final episode of the season, we’re talking about the myths and legends of Siskiyou. There’s so much to […]

From the Klamath and it’s many tributaries to the Upper Sacramento – Siskiyou is full of world-class opportunities to fish […]

Siskiyou County is home to a diverse array of awesome rivers. Whether you’re into rafting, kayaking, or just soaking up […]

Farmers, foodies, and entrepreneurs.

Professional skier Cody Townsend and Northern California adventure expert Zach O’Brien.

We explore Siskiyou’s majestic nighttime skies in this episode of the Discover Siskiyou Podcast.

We explore the open spaces of Siskiyou County – from their ancient history to the people who protect and appreciate […]

Crystals, a mountain, and finding ways to reconnect with ourselves. 

We take a look at the world of birding and the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge.

Staying Safe in the Backcountry in the inaugural episode in the Discover Siskiyou Podcast, featuring lead climbing ranger for Mount […]

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