Roadtrip Idea: Weekend of Waterfalls


Brimming with two-lane backroads and adventure around every corner, Siskiyou is the perfect place for a road trip!  And while meandering here is half the fun, here is a classic road trip route through Siskiyou to get you started.

Weekend of Waterfalls

Siskiyou’s hundreds (if not thousands!) of lakes, rivers and streams mean a wealth of spectacular water sports and sights, but it’s the abundance of waterfalls that captures the imagination. Some cascades are the reward of a strenuous hike, while others you can practically drive right up to!

Here are 7 waterfalls you can visit on a weekend road trip without straying far from your car. Added bonus, there are several quaint downtowns like Dunsmuir, McCloud and Mt. Shasta that all make great basecamps!

Start in Dunsmuir and work your way north, visiting Hedge Creek Falls and Sweetbriar Falls in Dunsmuir, followed by an afternoon McCloud Falls (a series of three waterfalls connected by road and hiking trail!). Depending on how much time you have, you can also extend the day with a detour to legendary Burney Falls about an hour east of McCloud. Plenty of good food and lodging await you back in McCloud and Mt. Shasta for the night, then set out day two of your road trip to explore Faery Falls in Mt. Shasta and Shackleford Falls in Ft. Jones. Finish up the day with delicious dining in Ft. Jones, Etna or Yreka (with lodging available in Etna and Yreka).

For a thorough list of Siskiyou waterfalls (including another 10 great waterfalls worth the hike) visit here.


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