Best Places to Kayak in Siskiyou

With hundreds of lakes, rivers and creeks – Siskiyou is an epic destination for a kayaking adventure! From laid-back to thrill-seeking experiences, California’s north has something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to kayak in Siskiyou.

Klamath River

Local favorite Klamath River offers both easy and challenging rapids. Enjoy a family float down the river or make it a weekend adventure with your pals. You can rent a kayak while staying at Klamath River Resort Inn, which has a drop off shuttle service. There are also several guided rafting tours in the area.

Lake Siskiyou

It doesn’t get much better than Lake Siskiyou. Picturesque pine trees hover majestically above the shore, making a day of kayaking quite relaxing here. You’ll also get to enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Shasta from the lake. Life is good in Siskiyou.

Castle Lake

If you’re looking for a peaceful and more secluded spot for kayaking, head to the scenic Castle Lake. The smaller alpine lake offers one-of-a-kind sights of jagged granite mountains and majestic Mt. Shasta. Be sure to bring your camera along!

McCloud Reservoir

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous head to Middle and Upper McCloud Falls for some cliff jumping or extreme kayaking. You’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls along the river during your kayaking adventure.

Otter Bar Lodge

Another local favorite is the Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School in Forks of Salmon. Take a class to learn whitewater kayaking skills or stay for one of their longer kayaking camps. As one of the nation’s premier schools, even Olympians like Jonny Moseley are up for the challenge at Otter Bar Lodge!

Upper Sacramento River

With more than 50 rapids, the Upper Sacramento River is a popular spot among locals and visitors alike. The river passes through the beautiful canyons of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest offering grand views of Mt. Shasta and Castle Crags. You can also take a guided tour with Trinity River Rafting.

Medicine Lake

Off the beaten path is Medicine Lake, often considered one of the most gorgeous lakes in California. What makes the long drive here worth it – you’re more than likely to have the entire lake to yourself when you kayak!

Stunning shorelines and peaceful, calm waters make Siskiyou an incredible destination for kayaking and other water adventures. Are you up for the challenge? Book your trip to California’s north for an epic summer escape.