Farm-to-Table Greatness

Roll up your sleeves and experience the farm-to-fork lifestyle in Siskiyou! From foraging to meat camp, farm fresh markets to farm-to-table restaurants, California’s north is loaded with educational and delicious culinary experiences. Hungry? Bring your appetite and explore some of our favorite spots.

Experience Spring Foraging

Siskiyou is an incredible destination for mushrooming. Make your way to the Klamath National Forest and you’ll find all kinds of edible mushrooms including morels, chanterelles, shaggy mane, puffballs, boletes and oyster mushrooms. The Modoc National Forest is another hotspot for mushroom hunting where morel, shaggy mane and bolite mushrooms are typically found here. Just remember, permits are often required before you can pick mushrooms. Happy hunting!

Must do Culinary Camps  

Farm camps in Siskiyou are a great way to experience the farm-to-table lifestyle firsthand. Head to Five Marys Farms, where you can “glamp” on their ranch and learn all about life on the farm, including cast iron cooking and craft cocktail making.

Indulge in Farm Fresh Markets 

If you’re looking to add some fresh eats while you’re camping, head to any of Siskiyou’s farmers’ markets, which feature fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, free-range and grass-fed meat and poultry. Siskiyou’s local farmers fuel the markets, which make them the go-to spots for fresh off the farm foods!

Savor Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Several restaurants serve locally grown and raised food products, you could easily spend the day eating! Over at Lilys Restaurant in Mount Shasta, only fresh and organic ingredients are used. Another local favorite is Café Maddalena in Dunsmuir, which serves fresh Mediterranean cuisine using locally sourced and imported ingredients.