Five Marys Farms

Five Marys Farms

Their livestock spend their whole lives on our Siskiyou county ranch, roaming freely and munching wild, Californian grasses. The ranching methods and beliefs they use, from grazing rotations to slaughter, preserve and protect the land they live on and respect the animals we raise from birth until their “one bad day” sacrificing for the food on their plates.

As far as certifications go, they believe in stories, not labels. Their products reflect our beliefs in respecting their animals, raising them with the utmost care and comfort and in feeding their customers only what they feed our family – the highest quality meats raised as naturally and humanely as possible.

We are raising Black Angus cattle, Navajo-Churro sheep, Glouchester Old Spot pigs, Red Bourbon turkeys and a wide variety of laying hens.

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11903 Main Street Fort Jones, California
(530) 598-6094

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