Ananda Ranch

Ananda Ranch

When individuals come to Ananda Ranch, the horses help them gain the confidence, courage, and determination needed to find and follow their bliss.

The ranch’s goal is to create an opportunity for participants to heal their emotional wounds by utilizing the intuitive nature of horses which is taken up and then interpreted by the clients themselves.

Ananda Ranch is an environmental enrichment program that was designed to enhance lives through activities with horses. The process can have a powerful impact that allows participants to take full advantage of their talents, academic interests, career pursuits and potential for healthy relationships.

By playing in a series of activities and games with the horses, clients are able to visually interpret the real difficulties in their lives.  They reflect on the way that the horses confront them and realize how much they already know.  The process allows them to use their abilities to remove barriers, providing a pathway to greater health and healing.

Every equine activity is performed on the ground, rather than riding, to keep the focus on the assigned goal and experience; therefore, all clients are able to participate regardless of age, prior horse experience, or physical capability.

Ananda Ranch is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization designed to enhance the lives of children through environmental enrichment activities that involve Horses.

All activities are open to everyone regardless of their ability to donate toward services.

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P.O. Box 363 Grenada, Ca. 96038
(530) 925 - 2567

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