Ash Creek Falls

Ash Creek Falls

Ash Creek Falls is one of the finest falls in California. It is set far back in Ash Creek Canyon as the waterfall makes a huge scene, gushing over the cliff in a strong freefall. The water hits a rocky area and creates a a big shower. The waterfall is 330 feet high and is a combination of Mud Creek Falls and Whitney Falls. It does not have as much volume as Mud Creek Falls, but it has plenty of power.

It is thought to be the most beautiful sight on Mt. Shasta or some even argue the most beautiful anywhere in California. Mud Creek Falls may be seen as a lot bigger but with the view encompasses it makes the waterfall feel smaller. Ash Creek Falls fits perfectly in Ash Creek Canyon.

This waterfall has been left off of the most popular guide for waterfalls surprisingly. This is not the worst thing because it will not attract as many people. Besides not being in the guidebook, the waterfall is at the end of a cross-country route making it difficult to reach the falls attracting less people. The cross-country route begins at the Brewer Creek Trail which is the most isolated trail on Mt. Shasta. The steep trail over barren volcanic slopes takes you to a vista that is approx. 0.25 miles from the falls. Those that want to be even more up close can take a trail to the top of the waterfall and farther to the opposite side of the canyon where the views are not nearly as good. You can reach the Cold Springs area from here as well. When you get to Ash Creek Falls you will not forget it, it is that amazing.  

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