China Grade Road – Happy Camp

China Grade Road – Happy Camp

This ride follows the Klamath River on the far side. This trip has a few elevation gains and descents. The first 1.7 miles offer good views over the old mill site on the river. The next 4.8 miles are on high cliffs and there is a great view over the “Muck-A-Muck” mine site. Continue the route as it follows the original path/road from Seiad Valley. Mile 7.8 is the entrance to a bird nesting area – It was once a large homestead.  The area is closed for nesting February into July.  Across the road are large limestone cliffs with several caves visible. China Grade Road turns to dirt at mile 9.2.  The road continues for approx. 20 miles with the first half very steep as it crosses the mountains and descends into Seiad Valley.

Photo Credit: Real Bird – China Grade


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