Etna Museum

Etna Museum

The Museum of the Native Daughters of the Golden West, Eschscholtzia Parlor No. 112, is located on Main Street, Etna, California. The building, was built for the first town Hall, which also housed the fire department, library and jail, was built to resemble Independence Hall in Philadelphia.


  • Vintage Parlor
  • Local Doctors
  • 1890 farm kitchen
  • Craftsman’s tools
  • Hallie Daggett – 1st US Forest Service Female Look-out Employee
  • Electric Permament Wave Machine
  • Dresses of the 1890’s


  • Yearbooks for Etna High School – “The Nugget” (1907, 1910-1919, 1946-1950, 1953-1963)
  • Native American
  • Radios & Phonographs
  • Old Bibles
  • Hat pins
  • Mining & Farming Tools
  • Household items

Hours: Opens in June 2018

Photo Credit: Etna Museum Facebook


Main Street, Etna, CA
(530) 467-3714

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