Marble Mountain Wilderness

Marble Mountain Wilderness

Eighty-nine lakes, magical meadows, and big streams are what encompass the Marble Mountain Wilderness. The wilderness is surrounded by a variety of trees, dominated by tanbark oak, madrone, and Douglas fir lower down, and white bark pine, foxtail pine, and mountain hemlock higher up. Alpine meadows and bare rock are in the higher elevations. If you are lucky you can spot bear, deer and plenty of other species in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. The trails are great for people and horses. Many of the peaks that you will see are higher than 6,000 feet, but the highest is Boulder Peak which is 8,299 feet tall.  

Photo Credit: Marble Mountain Wilderness AllTrails (Peter Goldie, John Thomson)


Klamath National Forest,
Etna, CA 96027
(530) 926-4511 (Mount Shasta Ranger Station)

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