Marble Peaks Ranch

Marble Peaks Ranch

Marble Peaks Ranch sources the finest breeding stock and covers their sheep year-round to produce pristine wool.  The Corriedale sheep also produce delicious lamb.  Their lamb is grass-fed and humanely reared on our beautiful pastures. Marble Peaks also breeds pedigreed Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to work as livestock guardians for their sheep.  Anatolian Shepherds protect their sheep and allow the owners to cohabit with the many species of wildlife on the land and the adjacent Klamath National Forest. Marble Peaks Ranch is owned and operated by Nancy Burns and Steve Edel. They are located in northern California, 50 minutes off of Interstate 5, on Highway 3, southwest of the city of Yreka.  They are  south of the tiny town of Etna and on the border of the Klamath National Forest.

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7530 Miners Creek Road,
Etna, California,96027
(530) 598-9008

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