McCloud River

McCloud River

The McCloud River is a designated wild and scenic river that offers a true wilderness experience and has been fished by dignitaries, railroad barons and even presidents. The upper and lower portions are so named by their division at the McCloud Reservoir. The narrow canyon – also famous for its waterfalls – holds deep pools of unpolluted, aerated water meaning great fishing conditions year round, even in the summer months. The McCloud River is also home to one of the most famous strains of Rainbow trout on the planet, exported to stock bodies of water around the world.

The McCloud is generally divided into two sections; Upper and Lower. Upper McCloud is considered to be above McCloud Reservoir, and the Lower McCloud stretches from the reservoir to Shasta Lake.

The Upper McCloud is where you’ll find the breathtaking McCloud Falls, a trio of waterfalls that set the McCloud River Falls Trail apart from other trails in the Mount Shasta area.  The Upper McCloud is also a popular destination for kayakers and campers.  For an up-to-date report of McCloud Area recreation and campsites click hereFowlers, the most popular campsite on the Upper McCloud fills up fast, so make reservations!

Whether you want to take a walk, ride the current or camp out, McCloud River has something for you!

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