Mud Creek Falls

Mud Creek Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in California is the Mud Creek Falls. It has the highest volume by far of any of the other falls on Mt. Shasta from the glaciers and springs that flow into it. There is so much water it rushes over the edge and down the narrow chasm. Most of the water that flows over gushes down in a linear waterfall, while a smaller amount bounces off the rocky cliff. Mud Creek Falls is worthy, it needs to be put on your must see list. 

Mud Creek Falls is tucked into the bottom of the ,500 foot deep Mud Creek Canyon where the falls seem so small by the size of the canyon. Solid lava marches up Sargents Ridge, casting their shadows deep into the canyon. At the peak the Konwakiton Glacier ties to the mountains rocky slopes. The source of Mud Creek is melted water from the glacier. The whole scene is jaw dropping and it can be seen why Mud Creek Falls, such an amazing waterfall, can be lost in the big mountain. 

One of the main reasons people do not flock to Mud Creek Falls as much is the difficulty to get to it. Most people who come to see the waterfall view it from the Clear Creek Trail, a mile from the falls which is the along the east rim of Mud Creek Canyon. Although that seems far for viewing it can still be seen in great magnitude due to its size. For those wanting to be up close to the waterfall it is doable from a cross-country route from the Clear Creek Springs at the end of the Clear Creek Trail. This certain route takes you down the steep side of the Mud Creek Canyon to the falls where many people do not venture to.  

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