Russian Wilderness

Russian Wilderness

Remember that wilderness safety is your responsibility. It is important to realize you may not be able to rely on a cellphone for help and the wilderness has unforeseen risks at times. Plan accordingly.

A few tips and things to know before you head out on your hike are:

Before you head out on your adventure make sure to tell your family or friends your plan and where you will be hiking incase of an emergency.

Before you set off on your trip make sure you research the area you will be hiking. Bring the correct equipment and dress accordingly. Do not hike on a trail you are not prepared for and do not hike alone. 

Please be aware that you should turn around if you do not feel confident at any point on the hike. Know your own limitations and also know the limitations of those you are hiking with. Plan the hiking route around the person who is not as skilled. One last thing, make sure you know of all the items the others have packed in case of an emergency. 

Track your location using a map or a compass or GPS. If you have a problem do not be afraid to turn around and seek help. You can obtain a wilderness permit online.

There are about 100 miles of trails in the Russian Wilderness. A lot of trails are steep and not used often. Some trails are well maintained and others not so much. If you come across a block in the trail such as a tree or a rock, take precaution and go around it slowly. You may not find many trail signs. This is to keep the wilderness alive and for those hiking to get the experience of being in the wilderness. Make sure you follow a GPS, map or compass. 

Photo Credit: United States Department of Agriculture


Russian Wilderness
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