Sacred Seed Crystals

Sacred Seed Crystals

This shop in Mount. Shasta, Ca, is like a seed that has been planted in fertile soil, continue to grow, producing a beautiful “rock garden.” Their staff are in deep gratitude for the opportunity to serve through unconditional love. Since the beginning, the earth has provided everything for us as needed, within balance. Their staff are honored to serve as a bridge to people like you; to connect with and receive the crystal beings of this earth that have emerged and chosen to reside with us here at sacred seed crystals of mount Shasta. Explore their store offerings. Each and every crystal is given a blessing in pristine mount Shasta spring water and anointed by the mountain.

Photo Credit: Sacred Seed Crystals Yelp (Kristin G., Sacred Seed Crystals Management)


301 Maple St,
Mt Shasta, CA 96067
(530) 859-3436

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