Sand Flat Trail/Overlook Loop Trail

Sand Flat Trail/Overlook Loop Trail

A trailhead that no one goes on is called Sand Flat at 6,830 feet. Just before Bunny Flat you can access it off of the Everett Memorial Highway. Both the upper and lower roads to Sand Flat can be used to get to the trailhead. Whenever the snow melts in May or June is when the trail opens. The mileage does not vary from the start of your climb due to the snow. The trailhead is used at the end of the season when hikers are looking for a different trail for hiking on the south and west sides of the mountain. The Horse Camp trail is joined by the Sand Flat trail and is almost ¼ mile before the MS Wilderness boundary. 

(530) 926-4511 (Mount Shasta Ranger Station)

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