Sisson Meadow

Sisson Meadow

Sisson Meadow finds many people enjoying the views and nature of this wetland. It is a 7.5 acre beautiful well-known spot in Mt. Shasta. The land got purchased in 2003 and since then the meadow has changed quite a lot with the addition of boardwalks, benches and picnic tables and public installation art. People visit it all the time to take in all the views and beautiful changing seasons.  

When you visit Sisson Meadow you will see views of Mt. Shasta, Mt. Eddy, Black Butte and Castle Spire. There is plenty wildlife and plants that will awe you. You have three options to access Sisson Meadow. You can get to it through East Castle Street from the main entrance, just two blocks up from Ace Hardware. You also can go through the entrance on Alder Street that starts near the waterfall. You can even come through the Rotary Trail that crosses behind Mt. Shasta Library. The boardwalks through the meadow will lead to the picnic area on Castle Street.  


Sisson Meadow, East Castle Street, Mount Shasta, CA

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