Wagon Creek Falls

Wagon Creek Falls

One of the least known waterfalls in the Mount Shasta area is Wagon Creek Falls. It is not thought about much, it gets lost amongst all the other beautiful waterfalls. It is part of a group other waterfalls that are on Mt. Shasta, some other ones in Castle Crags, and some on the South Fork of Castle Creek. More times than not, these all would be very popular to go look at, but right now they are not being seen. Something that is being missed with the tall 35-40 foot, rectangular cataract, Wagon Creek Falls is a plunge with classic waterfall lines. It’s lines look just like Vernal Falls in Yosemite, but just a bit smaller. There is also another short but well known waterfall upstream. The two together make a great pair for those that enjoy waterfalls. 

The upper section of Wagon Creek Falls is quite difficult to reach. Due to it being hard to reach a lot of people are unable to see its beauty. The cascades and waterfalls can be seen from a couple different ways. They are both long and steep hikes, but whoever takes the trek up with be in awe over the most beautiful and powerful creeks in the region. The falls can be reached via Wagon Creek from Mt. Eddy Bowl.  

Getting there:

Unfortunately, the upper section of Wagon Creek is difficult to reach. There is no doubt that this has, in part, contributed to its anonymity, and to the anonymity of Wagon Creek Falls. The cascades and the waterfalls can be approached from a couple of directions, both of which are long and in some cases, gruelingly steep journeys. For those how make the trek, they are rewarded with one of the most wild and beautiful and powerful creeks in the region. The falls can be accessed via Wagon Creek from the Mt. Eddy Bowl.

Photo Credit: hikemtshasta.com

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