Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum

Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum

In 1893, the Siskiyou Lumber and Mercantile Company bought timbered property in what is now the downtown area of Weed, from H.S. Williams and his wife Olive Williams. When the Siskiyou Lumber and Mercantile Mill north of Black Butte desired to sell their business, Abner Weed was willing to buy it. He sold his mill on the east slope of Mt. Eddy to a man by the name of Durney and that mill was subsequently known as Durney’s Mill until about 1920. In 1897 Abner Weed bought for the sum of $400.00, the Siskiyou Lumber and Mercantile Mill and 280 acres of land in what is now Weed.

Roseburg Lumber is still operating here, but many of the original buildings are being taken down. Weed now has a community college, College of the Siskiyous. Weed has outlived the wild, lawless days of its beginnings, it has succeeded in becoming an incorporated city, and the old description “one man’s town”, or “company town” no longer applies. But one man Abner Weed, lives on in the name of the town.

Hours: Daily (last week of May – September 30th), 10am – 5pm. Special off-season tours are available by appointment.

Photo Credit: Weed Historic Lumber Museum


303 Gilman Avenue, Weed, CA
(530) 938-0550

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