Hunting in Siskiyou

Visit Siskiyou during hunting season for a vast variety of hunting opportunities. For information on all rules and regulations when it comes to hunting and fishing in beautiful Siskiyou see below or visit the California Government website for more information.

  • Squirrel season opens the 2nd Saturday in September and goes through the last Sunday in January, the limit 4.
  • Rabbits can be hunted all year without limit
  • Deer (Rifle) Season:
    • Zone A – Opens on the 2nd Saturday in August and extends for 44 days
    • Zone B – Opens 3rd Saturday in September and extends 37 days
      • Zone B-4 opens on the 4th Saturday of August
      • Zone B-6 only is open for 30 days
    • Zone C – All C Zones open on the 3rd Saturday of September but last for different periods of time:
      • C-1 – 30 days
      • C-2 – 37 days
      • C-3 – 37 days
      • C-4 – 16 days
    • Zone D – 19 different zones with various time periods
  • Deer (Archery) Season:
    • Zone A – 2nd in July extends 23 days
    • Zone B – opens 4th in July, extends 23 days
  • Antelope Season
    • Zone 1 & 2
      • General – 3rd of Aug., extends 9 days
      • Archery – Opens 14 days prior to general season and extends 9 days
  • Elk hunting season has convoluted rules please see the link above for extended rules and regulations.
  • Bear season, except in the deer hunt areas designated as zones X-1 through X-7b in subsection 360(b), the bear season shall open on the opening day of the general deer season as described in subsections 360(a) and (b) and extend until the last Sunday in December in the areas described in subsections 365(a)(1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) above. In those areas designated as deer hunting zones X-1 through X-7b, the bear season shall open on the second Saturday in October and extend for 79 consecutive days. The bear season shall be closed when the department determines that 1,700 bears have been taken pursuant to the reporting requirement in subsection 708.12(d). The department shall notify the commission, the public via the news media and bear tag holders via the U.S. mail and the news media when implementing this closure.
  • Wild Pig Season is open all year and there is no limit.
  • Fish –Fishing licenses are valid for the rest of the calendar year of the year they are purchased.



Photo Credit: Public Lands Information Center