Marble Mountain Ranch

Marble Mountain Ranch

The Marble Mountain Ranch is a Dude Ranch that offers fully furnished deluxe homes and housekeeping cottages with full kitchens, as well as smaller units with kitchenettes. This Klamath River B&B offers cottages and homes in various sizes and can accommodate 2 to 7 guests. Dude Ranch vacations are all inclusive; guests can participate in trail riding, rafting and kayaking, archery, talent night, camp fire activities, and fly-fishing to name a few. 

Modern urban life is fettered by “digital overload”.  During a dude ranch vacation you will have the opportunity to spend time in nature and interact with natural settings that are impossible to duplicate in urban life or in virtual reality. Rafting, horse riding, swimming, hiking and all of the typical dude ranch events enable you to personally experience natural reality, as apposed to synthetic virtual realities. You can explore a world beyond computers and smart-phones to rediscover the natural world and the simple joys in outdoor life. You will smell the forest flora, feel the wind across your face, and satiate all of the tactile senses.

Photo Credit: Marble Mountain Ranch Website

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92520 Hwy 96
Somes Bar, CA
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