Mossbrae Hotel

Mossbrae Hotel

If you’re looking for an experience out your back door that is authentic, magical and inspiring, Dunsmuir has you covered.

Stuck smack dab in the heart of Dunsmuir’s historical district is the Mossbrae Hotel (named after our famous Mossbrae Falls). Simultaneously old and new, the hotel will honor the past and embrace the future. On premises is the iconic Ted Fay Fly Shop, an old school institution that defies time. Down the street is Madalenas Restaurant, perhaps the best restaurant in all of far northern California. Across the street is the local brewpub. Kitty corner from us is Sengthongs Blue Sky Room ready to blow your nostalgic mind. You get the picture. Join us for a little La Vida Loca. Let us create an experience for you that is diverse, unique and real. We look forward to welcoming you to Mossbrae Hotel.

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5734 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025
(530) 235-7019

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