Railroad Park Resort

Railroad Park Resort

Railroad Park Resort has been reliving the romantic days of railroading since 1968; it’s more than a railroad buff’s delight, it’s a part of our nation’s historical past. Experience their Dinner House & Lounge built inside restored antique railroad cars. Live the life of a railroader by staying in one of the Caboose’s in our Caboose Motel, without sacrificing the comforts of today’s modern conveniences.

Camp along a clear mountain creek in the pines known as Castle Creek. Find a nostalgic treasure in the gift shop or explore relics like the Willamette Shay gear-driven steam logging locomotive, the 1893 Wells Fargo Car, or the wooden snow plow and flanger. Enjoy hiking to the Hedge Creek Falls, fly fishing the beautiful Sacramento River Trail or bike riding to the historic railroad town of Dunsmuir—nearby activities are endless at the Railroad Park Resort.

Photo Credit: Railroad Park Resort Website

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100 Railroad Park Rd.
Dunsmuir, CA
(530) 235-4440


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