Shasta Sun & Star

Shasta Sun & Star

Shasta Sun and Star is a special home with lots of light and love.  Built in the 1920s, it was originally a home for the Italian family who ran the small grocery store below.  The original pine flooring has been preserved and the rounded arched doors give way to an era gone by.  Lots of charm here. 

It was lovingly restored back to its charming splendor with an additional bathroom added along with a deck which boasts magnificent views of Mt. Shasta.  In the 1950s, this property was featured in Better Homes and Gardens for its beautiful landscaping and open yard, which is still in place.

Situated on Chestnut Street, you can walk downtown for shopping and restaurants, and of course the famous Mt. Shasta Supermarket is across the street with those infamous sandwiches you can order and take to the lake or hiking.  They also have a deli, wine & beer and supermarket items.  For larger groups, you can see if the adjoining property is available to rent – Mt. Shasta Clubhouse – which sleeps 6 people.

Photo Credit: Mt. Shasta Vacation Rentals Website

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426 Chestnut Street
Mt Shasta, CA

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