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Tulelake | East Siskiyou
Doorknob Warming Hut Snowpark

Part of the Tri-Forest Snowmobile trails system, Doorknob offers access to over 250 miles of snowmobile trails on the Modoc, Shasta Trinity and Klamath National Forests.

Tulelake | East Siskiyou
Captain Jack’s Stronghold Trail

Along Captain Jackā€™s StrongholdĀ TrailĀ you can do one of two short self-guidedĀ interpretiveĀ trails that go through Modoc, wartime defenses. At Lava Beds National Monument in the Northern SierraĀ CascadeĀ you can walk where Captain […]

Weed | South Siskiyou
Deer Mountain Snowmobile Park

The Klamath, Shasta Trinity and Modoc National Forests combine efforts in winter to manage a tri-forest area of over 250 miles of snowmobile trails.

Callahan | East Siskiyou
Mike & Wanda’s

Mike & Wanda’s is a restaurant and bar. Enjoy a great local, unique diner with breakfast, pizza, prime rib, burgers and excellent, friendly service.

Skiing on Mt. Shasta

Winter may be upon us, but that wonā€™t slow down your excitement as a family in Siskiyou. You can always take some scenic drives, but if getting out of the car for a little adventure is your thing, hereā€™s a round up of 7 great winter adventures the whole family can enjoy!

Tulelake | East Siskiyou
Medicine Lake Highlands

The development of a broad shield volcano formed the Medicine Lake Highlands. When the center block happened to fall along the fractured lines it created an enclosed basin 6 miles […]

Dorris | East Siskiyou
Modoc National Forest

TheĀ Modoc National ForestĀ is a 1,654,392-acre (6,695Ā km2)Ā national forestĀ in northeasternĀ California.

Mount Shasta | South Siskiyou
Pilgrim Creek Snowmobile Park

The McCloud Snowmobile Park is your staging area for winter fun or for camping during the rest of the year.

Tulelake | East Siskiyou
Gillem Bluff Historic Trail

On the border of the Modoc National Forest and Lava Beds National MonumentĀ is theĀ GillemĀ Bluff, a low elevation ridgeĀ sitting betweenĀ 4400 feetĀ andĀ 4600 feetĀ in elevation.Ā There are no trails on this part of the […]

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